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Why ya so complicated..

Yea so uh. Im Megan. Im 15. I have an insane amount of energy, therefore people think I'm on crack. Psh. Just because I run and trip on rugs in front of sexy senior Kyle does NOT mean I do drugs.
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nope, just means you're in lurve! j/k ;)
Psh. Yea. In love with the kid two years older then me who I've talked to twice in my entire life. I WISH.
two years? that's nothing, man. I use to date a 24 year old. And as far as talking to him, there's still plenty of time.
Well for me it is something since Im bound to be single for life, I swear. ANd eh, I guess there is, he graduates in May and then my chances of anything go bye bye
You're not gonna be single for life. ::comforts:: And you never know, you might end up going to the same college.
Psh, maybe not. Who knows. And yea, if we went to the same college I would somehow convince him to let me be a groupie for his band or like the tech bitch and like snother them in sex or something
haha, your little post reminded me when I tripped... no actually my sister tripped me and I fell on my knees in front of the guys bathroom... and well... wehn I looked up there was sexy Aaron... a senior... and my head was right at his crotch... haha... so embarresing..