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Hello, I'm Good For Nothing

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Well..uh...I'm Mylynn and I don't know just why I'm called a crack head...oops, a crack monkey is the term I like the best. But yes, that is what I am called. I think it's because I am constantly jittery and easily distracted. I don't just mean big distractions distract me, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING distracts me. It's like 'So the Punich Wars were very important and the third one WOAH, that thing shines funny if you hold it in a wierd way. Let me see!!! *spazzes*. And I drop things very easily. Like today, I was taking this AMC (math) test and I dropped my pencil, bent over to pick it up, sat back up and dropped it again. This may be because the guy I like was staring at me, but maybe he can be called my crack.

Well, yeah.


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